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Through extended reality and holography solution, INCLUSIFY enables as well as empowers people and organization to collaboratein a completely new form. The collaboration happens via the symbiosis of people, information and the environment.

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AR Remote Solution.

Efficient use of resources:

Technicians can digitally troubleshoot most faults or carry out maintenance. This saves travel costs and gains time.

Knowledge transfer

With AR Remote Assistance, the team and the customer benefits from a digital exchange of experience and knowledge. This can be done within seconds and put into use instantly.

New sustainability

Long-distance travel is not only expensive, it also burdens the CO2 balance. Savings are made here.

Ahead of the competition

Secure competitive advantages with AR Remote Assist solution!

Merging Realities.

INCLUSIFY INYOUSE is a Remote Service Platform with Augmented Reality/ Extended Reality. Technical specialists get visual support when solving problems in their everyday work.

Digital content such as 3D objects, videos, images, PDF files can be displayed in 3D via the Operator Client on the mobile opposite side.

Complexity is reduced and knowledge is brought to the right place at the right time in a way that is faster and easier to understand.

Content Studio - MEDIA.

The creation and editing of content is often a major challenge for many companies. Our content studio MEDIA offers simple and intuitive support, easy to use for everyone.

Modul - Videocall

End to End.

INCLUSIFY INYOUSE brings everything needed for the connection between technicians, customers and support. Simply unpack, switch on – works right away!

let's jump into the next level of innovation

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Modul - Translation


INCLUSIFY INYOUSE is oriented towards the barriers and challenges that arise in working together over distance and picks up exactly there, because: Digital service models also mean a major change in collaboration between employees and customers.

Experience High Resultion AR Remote Services.


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All-In Packages.

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Get INYOUSE from 20th October - 31st December and save 999 EUR set up fee!


per month/user
Term: 24 months
  • Premium Edition
  • Modul Video Call
  • Modul XR Integration
  • Modul Translation
  • Apple iPad Pro 11"
    128GB WIfi
  • Urban Armour protective cover


per month/user
Term: 24 months
  • International Edition
  • Modul Video Call
  • Modul Translation
  • Apple iPad Pro 11"
    128GB WIfi
  • Urban Armour protective cover
** Module XR Integration requires licensing of the XR Content System INCLUSIFY MEDIA

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